wedding items prepared for courthouse

Why do I repost this stuff? It's really not to irritate friends and loved ones who are participating in these "creepy" rituals - although I suspect it does and for that I'm sorry. I repost it because I am hopeful we all will stop and consider all the things we do that are "creepy" but we've also been indoctrinated to do them. Things like genitally mutilate little boys, creating open wounds in diapers because it's "cleaner"; mammogramming ourselves with powerful radiation, which is known to cause cancer, as a means to prevent and treat cancer; and deliberately injecting our healthy babies with diseases and toxins to protect them from diseases they don't have, using toxins we know are nothing BUT harmful. If you can take a giant step back to look at any of these things, you can see they are creepy and wrong. But indoctrinations are hard to break. wedding items prepared for courthouse