vogue chic garments for prom

I took my teenager daughter shopping at Ross, Kohl's, Marshall's, Target, Belk, and Dress Barn and bought... one hoodie. It's adorable. But it won't outfit her for high school... Where can I buy cute, comfortable clothes that aren't tank tops and shortie shorts or have big chunks missing from the shoulders or back? Jillian joked that a bear must have gotten a hold of a lot of the clothes. :) Seriously, just basic modest clothing that covers the necessities and isn't skin tight. How hard is this? When I do online shopping on some of the super cute modest sites the prices are outrageous. I really need to pay $30 more for the extra two inches of fabric to make it modest? Ok, rant over. Ideas people? I need 'em! Keep in mind she is not a stick like my younger girls. She's built more like me so all junior clothing is basically out. vogue chic garments for prom

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