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so frustrated right now. James is sick and has had a fever for three days now. Jon took him to the dr this morning because they couldnt get him in yesterday. He has been mostly saying his throat hurts really bad and he doesnt want to eat. The dr said they didnt see anything so he doesnt have strep and they didnt do a swab. So apparently he just has a cold virus... Hes burning up and keeps holding his throat crying. I still really think he has strep. Jon didnt tell them do the test anyways. I usually do even if it doesnt look like it because they missed strep just checking anthonys throat and the test came back positive. Not sure what to do but hes so miserable and upset and keeps saying his knees and back hurts if i pick him up.. I dont see how this is just a cold virus with him having such a high fever. two piece wedding outfits with removable skirt