two piece items for homecoming party

I've taken 2 tests (clear blue 6 days early test) and both have very faint lines. I definitely saw a line when I first peed on the stick but now it's now clearer but panicking as I've never ever had anything like this but could it be possible to have 2 evaporation lines in a row?? two piece items for homecoming party
A flu type cold (not had a cold in over a year so was shocked when I got one as I've also been taking vit c and zinc tablets too)
Tiny pinching in stomach on and off ...
On off pinching feel in boobs
Nausea to the point where I've gagged but haven't actually been sick.

I have pictures but not sure how to post!

Also this was my first cycle of taking Angus cactus. Been ttc on and off for over a year. I'm 22. Any help will be appreciated so much!

(I have pictures of tests below with the colour adjusted to make it clearer)"

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