teal formal dresses

Appreciation post!!
I am absolutely blown away!! Massive shout out to local business The Gown House see www.thegownhouse.com.au
I bought two bridesmaid dresses in September. They are amazing, both bridesmaids with different bodies look absolutely fantastic in them!! Story doesn't stop there though!! I bought a lovely white flower girl dress from bullock markets. Wanting my little girl to be 'one of the girls' with a matching sash, I looked everywhere for something to match. I had a lot of trouble matching the fabric. Thinking hard, I emailed the gown house asking if I could purchase some material for a sash. Deme from the gown house had none of that. She simply asked for my address. Before I knew it, a beautifully packaged sash was express posted to my door at no cost! I am astounded!! Her kindness and generosity is absolutely amazing and unheard of! This is exactly why we should get behind our local businesses!! I'm recommending the gown house for anyone's bridesmaid dresses!! teal formal dresses