short mini length wear in red

clindamycin hcl oral capsule 150 mg this what i will b taking every 6 hs 4 7 days ! then i go back 2 the dentist on Monday ! i have an infection n my gums so he could not remove my teeth cause he would not b able 2 nume my gums good enough ! or he would have done it 2day ! i can,t wait until this is over w/ ! man this is worrisome ! the money payment is crazy ! they have some kind of u pay 300 ds & u get 40 - 50 % off on different work u have done ! like dentures & simple teeth removal is 40 % ! then u also have 2 pay 110 up front 4 ur first visit ! that,s if u don,t have any insurance short mini length wear in red