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I never gave my kids a bedtime. I didn't believe in it. I just dragged their butts out of bed and made them go to school or whatever activity it was and if they felt tired and struggled during the day, they learned to go to bed earlier. I let them feel the reason why going to bed is important, instead of trying to explain it to them in words. I didn't fight or argue with them and make them go to sleep. I never tried to prevent them from feeling like pooh the next day. That's preventing them from knowing the reality, the consequences, and the importance of getting a good night sleep. I wanted them to feel it for themselves. I wanted them to understand that your choices have consequences. Regardless of them telling me "I'm tired, I didn't go to bed until 4am" They still went to school, with drool down their face, sleep in their eyes and my foot in their butt. short length prom party dresses in black
My 14 yr old put herself to bed at 7 pm tonight and usually puts herself to bed around 8pm most nights and it's still summer time. As for the 15 yr old , she's a night owl, she stays up late nights and eventually passes out but she gets up when she's suppose to with no whining and she's still a straight A student.