selections in orange for prom party

The Carbon Monoxide levels in 20 Austin TX officers blood systems is probably a plan by the Ford Foundation to cause Police to act erratic while carrying out their duties in order to make them do stuff they normally wouldnt like being rude,causing them to become hated even more. C.M. side effects are:
Flu-like symptoms, fatigue
Shortness of breath on exertion AND IMPAIRED JUDGMENT!
Austin, TX is know for its pilot programs of all kinds, and if I were George Soros, a genius with a high I.Q. spending billions of dollars to create a race war, this would be one of my projects. It doesnt even matter if its stopped, if it caused enough damage to the community he'll consider it a job well done. selections in orange for prom party # FordFoundation # FordMotorComony # LyingCheats # RaceWar # instigation # GeorgeSoros George Soros # CarnegieFoundation # SouthernPovertyLawCenter # NAACP Reverend Al Sharpton Austin, Texas # Infowars # BlueLivesMatter # BlackLivesMatter