royal and nave blue color collections for cocktail

This year marked 170 yrs since the Vennards came to Canada and marks the first Vennard reunion . It was a fleeting moment conversation myself and may sister in law Delilah Trenaman had lol. ... Little did we know ! I sincerely hope everyone that attended had a great time , I hope people felt relaxed and not rushed. I was disappointed that not everyone could make it but I understand as well. Thank you to Delilah for doing the genealogy work , the emails , the pictures , picking up supplies etc etc. , I'd like to thank well myself for staying as organized as bloody possible lol , thank royal and nave blue color collections for cocktail Kevin Vennard for supporting and reassuring me people would come , as well as the other manual labor jobs you did , thanks to Keith Vennard for driving the site seeing and getting the hamburgers. Ina for her calming voice ... Seriously I could talk with her for hours , and also to that whole family for always making us feel at home. A Hugo thanks to my girl Sandra Garrett the supper was amazing and thanks for all the little things you helped with but most of all for showing up for the little memorial for pa with Trevor . Thank you to Lana Letts and Calvin Letts , Corrine Robertson and family , Lisa Donald Palumbo and family , Garry Donald , Carolyn Hainstock and family , aunty Donna Donald , aunty Marion Calder , Mitzi Calder Anderson and family , Shelley Calder Bureyko and family and Valerie and family, Tyler Vennard Brenna Vennard Max, Sawyer, Judd, Anita Hingtgen Jeffrey Hingtgen , Greta , Richard Dombowsky , Tracy Dombowsky , Jake, Amy Vennard , Breylynn Vennard , Kassandra Taylor Vennard , Cody Vennard and Nic you guys made this event a success for us ! More memories to add to our dash .... We are blessed to have you all !