red colored items to wear that looks still sexy

This is outrageous! It happened with me one time while back.. abt 10 yrs MX above San Miguel D'Allende ..only from one Margarita, drunk only half way from the glass.. I was at the high altitude also.. I start hallucinating and I was in excruciating headache and stomach pains.. getting out painfully.. everything I had in my stomach.. Believe me .. I was crying to God to take me away cz I couldn't handle the pains!! My friends took me back to our Villa and let me sleep. I wish could have been an Emergency Clinic there like the Miraculous ones Dr. Keith Rose have here!! Maybe he should open some there.. red colored items to wear that looks still sexy
Seeing this article.. no alcohol anymore next week in MX for me!! and Never!! I just drink only one drink when I go there anyway. But neither one now! Thx for sharing!! God Bless you!

Tainted liquor may be responsible for tourist's death in Mexico, authorities say The State Department is now warning people to consume alcohol in moderation and get medical help if they feel sick while drinking in