racerback wedding dress

A man dress in taliba-style robe his face covered
in a black face-mask entered a mosque in one of
the nothern state being terrorized by Boko
Haram.It was on jumah day and the imam was ...
just about to begin the sermon for the day. He
had a A.K.47 gun hanged on his shoulders and
his face looks very scary.
As soon as he entered the jumat mosque, the
whole place was silent including the imam.there
is no any movement either in or out. he started
to look from left to wright and starting at the
faces of the congregation in the mosque.
after a brief silence, he raised his voice and told racerback wedding dress
the congregation that whosoever is ready to take
a bullet for the sake of Allah amongst the
congregations, with the exception of the imam
should remain seated.However, any person who
knows for sure that he or she cannot take a
bullet for the sake of Allah must leave the
mosque immediately before the count of five(5) .
Hardly did he finish speaking, come and see
peoples rushing to get out of mosque. some
were even jumping through the Windows. Both
the young, the elderly and even children were all
competing to go out. infact, had it been that he
didn't mentioned that the imam should stay
behind maybe; he too would have been among
the first persons to run outside for his dear life
Even before the count of three(3),only a handful
of people were left remaining in the mosque
which include some few die-hard Alusuna the
handicapped and some very aged muslim.
virtually all the so call Baba adini, iya adini,
balogun adini and all the other "Dino dini'
Including the members of the mosque committee
had all run away
feeling satisfied and beaming with smiles on his
face, the man finally turned his gaze at the
direction of imam and politely asked him to go
ahead with the sermon because he has just
succeeded in drivin away "munafiq"(hypoc
rites)from the mosque.
second after uttering that statement , he quietly
walked out and nobody dare challenge him till he
disappeared. Now, if you happen to be among
the congregation on that day, what will you do??
Be sincere to yourself or alse you will also be
liable to tell lies! laugh out loud! It's good for
your health !!!

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