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Once every year, Garrison transforms into a Victorian town from the 1800's.

"The Dickens Village Festival is now in its 24th year, and it was basically started to celebrate Charles Dickens and 'The Christmas Carol.'" says Dick Messerly, President of Dickens Village Festival.

The people work together to decorate the town and give us a peek into the past.

"Just kind of gets you in the Christmas spirit to see all the -everybody dressed up in the old fashioned clothing and all the street vendors. It's just kind of -kind of fun." says Veda Gamble, Dickens Village Festival Attendee. punk prom dresses

Gamble has visited the Dickens Village Festival before, but this was her granddaughter, Deliliah's very first time.

"Well, we thought we'd have just a 'Girl's Day Out' because her and I don't do a whole lot together. So, come down to see the reindeer and go on the carriage ride." says Gamble.

Deliliah was most excited to meet the reindeer.

"Pretty neat, huh? Do you like that?" asks the Reindeer Trainer.

"Yeah!" says Deliliah with a big smile.

"She's a little young to do the tea. I always enjoyed the tea and the house tours, but we'll play it by ear and see if she's -she's up to that, I don't know." says Gamble.

Despite her granddaughter's young age, Gamble felt that this year was a good time to introduce her to the festival.

"I've been down here in years' past and it's been so cold and walked all over and about froze to death, but it's beautiful weather." says Gamble.

The reindeer as well as the London Telephone booth are both new attractions to the event.

"Every year, we continue to try and upscale and add new things. It takes a lot of time and a lot of volunteers, and we have a committee that meets every month." says Messerly.

He adds that, despite the long hours, it's all worth it

"The fact that we're able to put it on, with all volunteers and see it come off so well is just a real gratifying thing in the end. A lot of work, but real gratifying." says Messerly.

First time experience at the Dickens Festival Once every year, Garrison transforms into a Victorian town from the 1800's.myndnow.com