prom party wears specially designed for seventeen

This is why I love to do Weddings. This beautiful woman reached out to me and touched my soul. Please take time to read this. Remember to touch someone's heart everyday. She had ask me to make a cloak to cover a dress she had bought 2nd hand By the time I got halfway through her message to me, I was in tears. I sent her a brand new Wedding dress as a gift.

Her message to me.

It's more than a gift. You healed a piece of my heart today. I'm a daughter of divorce - they div ... orced when I was in 3rd grade after a 12 year marriage. My mother is passed but she and I were not close at all and she struggled to make ends meet. My dad remarried and always did quite well but I never had a first wedding really. We lived together first and got married spur of the moment. I was married l for 20 years. Then divorced in 2010.

I started dating after 6mths, and actually met my fiance' through a mutual friend on Facebook. Greg has given me many firsts in my life but with the immigration costs (he is from Canada) we didn't think a wedding would happen. And I never thought I would have a dress like that. I told you, the one I bought has dirt stains on the I was a little embarrassed to wear it.

Another reason why I say you helped heal a part of my heart goes back to one of the most heart-breaking things I had to witness; it was in 2014. My stepbrother married an Indian girl and her family was quite wealthy. They had a traditional Indian ceremony and in their culture, the sister of the groom has a part to play in the ceremony so I flew to Boston to go. During the reception, the new bride dances with her new father in dad. Wow....did it ever mess with me. I have never danced with my dad. I stood there among all of those people while they danced together and he smiled at her, and wondered why that was robbed from me. I was so envious because she got to first. So feeling overwhelmed with heartbreak, guilt for even being upset (I was a grown woman for God's sake), and even a little like an oddity, I went to my hotel room that night and cried. prom party wears specially designed for seventeen

Well, not only is my dad going to be at my Wedding , but he's officiating. And, because of your beautiful soul and gift of this beautiful dress, this 49 year old woman with wounds of a little girl, will get to dance with her dad on her wedding day in a dress I don't have to be embarrassed of. You will forever be a part of me.


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