prom dresses for big girl

Here it goes ten years ago I made big jump I'm life I did with this guy an over years we've done a lot crazy things hit few bumps in the road but we're still together an on tues we be making big ten together with more flare on this next ten coming up it will be fun everyone will it enjoy the new add to are family we have new son in law Colton wurst. On new ten the biggest for everyone who does not know James an I are going be grandparents we are so excited an Jade an Rylea growing to be beautifuls young ladies an I'm sure there will more to as we do have more bigger new on these ten years I got keep some secret to are family for now. But we've made lots great friends over times in are moves but James an I made this journey together for most of you who may have not know James an I met at a grocery. He was sticker not an I work up front check people out in norh Platte that where are story start in 97 so yeah your asking your self so how so long be together right it was me I had get I my head out butt but did we came together an did not let anyone come between us an if James on your fb wish a happy 10 anniversary on 8 ok we love all an thank you all for keeping us going all these years prom dresses for big girl