plus size formal dresses under 100

I woulda been married my lady,'' if it wouldnt for these vietnam punchlines''-coyote cowboy on the gunline, lost 30 percent of my history in a lunch line,find the rest of the corpes in uptown, fake brigadiers meetings over celestial beliefs, raised 12 kids, deleten all the peace, -commissioner had knight ball, hired the 3rd degree ,missing politics ,bytch screamen buckey fuck me! in the basement, losing usmc formats that replaced rigs, whole constituiton fukin up over vermoun ... t dogs, who wouldnt know what to do w/o a facelift, 1st confederate words, while the seniors was graduating, fishline team fear aggravating, just really tryna spilt the breeding up still beliving the sippie cup, generals sending sub-zero's for they bearings, old school hives for $9500 in the landing, fathers still making breeder friends, palo alto driveway go toros bennigans!! she forgetting all the admendments, evil threats make every equation blend with the weakness, and her bedroom curling gpa. , starship trooper gta, i will not accept her madness pta, all of one branch, d-e-l-ta, ..-and they still look dressed for the concerts, 1st match or the ones when the lungs hurt, 1st catch or the drums wit a bum curse, till a culture admit they were drawn 1st, - change category put the cups down, re-run ,peice of cake bitch cut me in my sleep on the 1st date, for whole lotta seasons she missing when ornaments were not on the tree and the sleeves missen, now she gotta mismatch tone, im thinking its a secret navy seal match recruitment, plz dont leave us alone, now she a Baghdad sheriff plus jess car broke down lady plz come home, whip a batch, hormone, make a fleet touch tones,- same road she was walking down earlier, when the p's wouldnt loan us a paris drone..- i just thinks its funny, how the fuck we grown!! --175th ranger b4 the annual tugboat meeting and uncomprehending misunderstandings, over skin tuscan,when the hills were walking dead...--odd brigadier shakies..--praying the ladies have special mentalites in there curling iron...--757th spalding raindeer games derailed..-Would you let the movie go? or swing at proms in the past...-they were just born...stupid wins-but ma, i only want a playstation..-odd heaty temples plus size formal dresses under 100

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