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Plant based nutrition and fasting turns the clock back! It really does. I feel and look so much younger now than what I did over 5 years ago!

I am 41 years old mother of 2. Im 42 in July 2017.

Why and how does this turn the clock back you ask?

I switched my diet to a plant based diet. No meat, dairy or any animal products. I also embraced the practise of fasting which each and every time I feel turns my clock back!

Fasting is an amazing tool to heal and rejuvenate your body. It is how I lost all my post baby weight and also how I healed chronic diseases that were taking over my body and my life!

How is this? Why does this happen?
As our body goes into ketosis usually after 24 hours of being on only water, our body will start to use its own fat cells to fuel energy.
As this happens cells that are weak or unwell will start to die off, leaving you with the healthy cells in the end. This causes your body to heal, and prepare for rejuvenation once eating again to build new healthy cells. maternity wears for wedding at affordable price
We heal from the inside out. The skin is usually last to completely heal. Blemishes and liver spots will fade as the liver purges toxic bile out and heals.
Things inside the body tone and tighten. I have felt this myself with my prolapsed uterus lifting and strengthening through fasting..
All inflammations in the body will disappear and your eyes will lift causing you to look younger. The eyes become whiter and brighter also which is a clear indicator you are healing.

Fasting is an incredible journey I believe all people would be amazed by if they gave themselves the time to try it and feel the miracle of self healing happening in their body and watch their very own transformation!

The effort is worth it. You are worth it!

Much love
Tami Jane xx

Ps. Always have an experienced detox coach like myself or another, guide you through your first fast, especially water! Lots to do other than just drinking water, and it can be dangerous.