long dresses for girls

Is your brain male or female?

According to an interesting show on the telly, that's extremely difficult, if not impossible, to tell by looking at it.

It may be easy to draw the conclusion that there is no difference and it is all social behaviour which determines the way we think. An interesting show on the telly last night (on iview) was postulating that. That, if we dress girls in pink and give them dolls and boys in blue and give them trucks we will get what we expect. But what if we treated them identically? long dresses for girls

Take a look at the show - http://iview.abc.net.au/…/no-more-boys-and-gi…/ZW1384A001S00 - It's about an hour long. And it is an interesting social engineering experiment, though one always questions the wisdom of experimenting on humans, no matter the age.

However, while it is easy to tinker about with kid's heads in the classroom, are we actually rendering the little lab subjects genderless? Or, like the boys in blue assumptions, are we getting what we expect to get. In other words, by observing, we actually influence the outcome.

No idea. However I do know that other experiments have shown that girl monkeys who never had to wear pink or were told they were pretty, still prefer to play with girl toys . . .


What is a monkeys favourite toy? - Horizon: Is your Brain Male or Female - BBC Two Programme website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04k… youtube.com