golden colored items to wear of the wedding

Public service announcement... today we took our kids to the astros game. We waited in the heat for about an hour waiting to get into the ballpark. We made it to the front of the line where it finally was shaded to have my wife's purse checked so we could enter the park.. all of a sudden Kolton our 14 year old starts stumbling towards Holly Harrison white as a ghosts and then falls to the ground and passes out. Holly instantly went into mom mode cause I was a bit freaked at first. She gets him up and wakes him up.. by then a stranger brings him a water so we could get him to drink some fluids. At this point I run to find a medic and a cool room we can take him to. I pick him up and we push our way thru the line unchecked and straight to the first aid room. Vitals were checked and he had ice packs placed on his wrists and neck area. His speech was a bit slurry making it hard to understand him. Once we got fluids in him we asked if had eaten anything today and like most kids he had just eaten junk food and had sodas. Father's it's our responsibility to teach our kids about heat stress and the dangers of it. Heat stress is one of the major causes in my dad losing his life 15 years ago. We have to teach our kids a balanced diet is just as important as drinking water when your gonna be exposed to the heat. I'm ashamed of myself that this happened to one of my kids because I know better and have worked in safety for the past 18 years. I failed my son today as a father and as the leader of our home. This is unacceptable behaviour on my part and if this had happenend at work i would expect to be fired.This was a very scary moment for Holly and I and we thank God that he was watching over one of our babies. I want to thank my wife for remaining calm while all this went down and immediately putting a plan into action cause for the first minute or so I was shocked. I say all this to say let's keep an eye out for our little ones, they don't realize heat stress can kill you. Thank you in advance for reading this. golden colored items to wear of the wedding
Kyle Harrison