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Once a woman has a full body orgasm, she will think the man invented sex. The connection must start mentally with conversation and communications(spoken and unspoken). Communications is like sex; The talking is pushing, because you are giving a pages of your soul and you are slowly stripping her walls down. The listening is pulling in the information, but taking a genuine interested... she is so much more than her looks, curves and her yoni. The next step is soulfully, prayin ... g with her over a meal, before sex and after sex. Sharing a glass of wine or liquor with her, preferably while taking a bath, bathing her or having shower together. Make sure, that wash that yoni right and get under those boobs and buttcheeks. Even a nuturer needs nuturing; even healer needs healing. Her soul is starving for it.

The physical part needs to be handled with artistic detail. Towel dry her off thoroughly, then massage and moisturizer with warmed Shea butter or baby oil. Make her feel wanted, desired and loved... amplify her hopes of love and yearned for. You must use your lips, and tongue as a brush by kissing, biting, sucking on her body like a beautiful canvas... sensually and like she taste delicious. Make sure you take your time French kissing her peaches... licking and gently sucking clit and her lips... while gripping her waist as she is gripping your head. Until her juices, that taste like water are in your beard.

Then you slowly penetrate her, but I let my throbbing hard meat sit inside her yoni. I need to feel her throbbing, that her biorhytm. My stroke needs to be in sync with her bio rhythm. My deep slow stroke back with pelvic power, makes her moans sounds like they are coming from deep in her soul. Her breathing is getting heavier, as she is getting wetter and gripping my manhood. Her legs are trembling and her yoni muscles are convulsing. Her alter ego us emerging and I whisper in her ear..."do you want to belong to me?" She is going thru multiple orgasms, I go deeper pass the g spot to her A spot. Grinding deep with proper body pressure, then her whole body explodes with passion. She is amazed, embarrassed and in spiritual high from her full body orgasm. When was the last time you had a full body orgasm? full figure short length wedding wears plus size
Spoken by Dak King

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