formal party wear for young juniors

Chapter Nine
I spent the rest of that week going through some of the documents my assistant gave me I was grateful for it. It kept me busy. On Friday Mutale called me and suggested that we get some ice cream. I was excited to go and see her, I had not told anyone about what happened to me on Monday. formal party wear for young juniors
I wore short blue dress , a girly black leather jacket and black gladiator sandals.
I arrived mall and found Mutale sitting on our favorite table at debonairs pizza.
I gave her a tight hug ,I had missed her. She wore a black pant suit. She looked beautiful and stylish as usual. We sat down and studied my best friends left hand.I rubbed my eyes to double check if I was dreaming or not.
"Ehh sister is that a ring I see?."
I asked I my eyes danced with excitement.
"Yes it is Dave proposed yesterday." Mutale happily replied.
I stood up and began ululating ( utupundu) I didn't care if people stared at me weirdly. I hugged my friend. We laughed and cried at the same time.
"When did this happen? I want details girl!"
"Yesterday! It was our fifth year anniversary. I haven't even told mum you're the first person."
"I pray that you will be very happy Mutale. I bind all the evil forces against this marriage in Jesus Christ's name!"
"Am your maid of honour ohhh!"
"Of course Sali! You're like a sister to me.
We giggled and had our ice cream.
I narrated the Monday incident with pastor Zimba and Mutale laughed so hard she almost chocked on the ice cream. We had some pizza and said good bye to each other.
I felt happiness and peace my friend was finally going to tie the knot.
The weekend flew by and I was more than ready to go back to work. The welcome my work mates gave me was over whelming.
We were briefed about a client who wanted to open an account with us from Denmark. She owned bridal salons around Africa. She was going to meet us in two months time and I was told to handle it.
Time went by quickly I was so busy with work and helping Mutale plan the wedding and kitchen party the two months flew and finally I was going to meet the new client on Friday.
I sat in my office going through some papers when the phone rung.
" Good afternoon Miss katongo. "
"Afternoon Lilly."
"Mrs Adams is here."
"Oh the lady from Denmark, send her in let's not keep her waiting.
A beautiful lady walked in and she was holding doctor Chitis hand. He looked even more handsome than the last time I saw him. He was dressed casually and he looked happy.

" Good afternoon Mrs Adams. Am Miss katongo." I said as I extended my hand and she equally extended her hand.

For a weird reason I was very excited to see doctor Chiti.

"Mrs Adams its a pleasure to finally meet you and how are you doctor Chiti?"
"Oh you two know each other?"
"Yes we do. I was involved in an accident four months ago. He was my doctor."
"Well that's what my baby brother does for a living." She said as she smiled.
"Shall we start the meeting I asked?"
The meeting went on smoothly and she decided to bank with us. I was really happy.
"Thank you for deciding to bank with us you won't regret it." I said with a smile.
"I know I won't. And Mrs Adams sounds so formal please call me Lauren." She said with a smile.
"Alright Lauren ,you can call me Sali."

We walked out of the office together.
"Its good to see your fine now Sali."
"Its always pleasant seeing you doctor."

I went back to my office and found my assistant the door.

"Lily does anyone need me?"
"No no Miss, I just want to ask you how you know that man."
"Oh he was my doctor."
"Ehh I wouldn't get fine if I were you just so I could see him everyday God his handsome!"
She said as she giggled.
"Ahh Lilly your really crazy. You're married woman." I laughed.
"But that doesn't make me blind."
We laughed as she walked out.

As I waited for Mutale to pick me up to go buy material for her kitchen party dress I thought of doctor Chiti.