country lace wedding dress

my mind has been pretty heavy with thoughts for the last few weeks. Maybe it's the stage I'm currently in. Maybe it's the life I lived in the past. Maybe it's the life I'm striving to live everyday. But my heart has been breaking for so many around me. Near and far. Death, is so real. Struggles, are so real. Life, is so real And life, is beyond precious. The reality of life, living and being able to live effortlessly and enjoy it too, is one so many take for granted. Let alon ... e the miracle of bringing life into this world.
I was painting one of the many projects I've been working on. And when getting grumpy about my forever Long list of to do's. While Dave was working on gutters. Reality hit me. I'm living a dream so many in the world and even in this country dream to live.
GRATITUDE... we preach it in our home everyday. But I caught myself wondering if I'm really living it?
As I painted and thought of so many things I want different, or wished for, I remembered that guaranteed there's always someone who wishes they could live the life you're living right now. There's always someone who's wishing they could trade you places. Someone wishing the cross you bare is one they could have.
The life we live all depends on our outlook. The way we choose to perceive it. You can rise or sink. I know a lot don't know my story/past. Maybe one day you will, maybe never. But let me tell you I know what I am saying when I say life is all how you want to perceive it. Yes, life hurts. Yes, life isn't fair. But when you look harder; there are precious gems lying in your path waiting to remind you, you're loved, you're not forgotten. I know my life looks so wonderful. And it is. But, I have fought the good fight to get here (Still do). I have spent the countless nights of soaking my pillow in tears asking why...sometimes still those nights come, but those nights open your Eyes to realize moments can change the rest of your life. you understand how powerful a moment really is. Giving perspective to never take moments for granted. You don't get them back and you sure don't know if it will change the rest of your life. country lace wedding dress
But especially moments make you, you. And that is beautiful.

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