coast style bridesmaid outfits

A friend who sticks closer than a sister
Let me tell you a little about us,the rest gist will be on the day I will graduate.
I met kaozuru fortune giftee during our primary school at afugiri central school umuahia,those days you come to school and you choose to be alone,you eat your food alone,play alone and all that.
we were preparing for our common entrance exam, I had to leave the class one afternoon because it was noisy,so i went to this favourite shade of mine where i normally sit to read,as I was reading my entrance past questions, she walked to me and we exchanged greetings,she said she would like to sit so I had to adjust for her to sit down. 'Those days we rock our green and white uniform' we became awesome sisters,attending the same church and sometimes do our cooperate things like wearing the same colour of dress to church..'childhood memories though' coast style bridesmaid outfits
We passed the exam and we were given admission into Girls secondary school umuahia now Holy rosary secondary school umuahia,we never left each others side. We concluded our junior secondary school,we started with senior class where I had to go for science because i have always dreamt of becoming a petroleum engineer and she was good in art subjects. We wrote Wassce and we passed with flying colours.
I got admission and she was also given admission the same year but she opted out saying she wants to study law or nothing,so I continued with mine, on my matriculation day,she came and she handled over to me a heavy brown envelope to me,guess what??? Money and a pair of cloth for church,she said wear it on your first year thanksgiving service.
The following year she was given admission into the same university to study mass communication and today she is in 300 level while am in 400 level pursuing our career. The funniest of it all is that we are graduating the same time and I hope we serve our fathers land the same place and marry the same day too.
If am a guy,I will choose to marry you over and over again enyi ka nwanne, Kaozuru Fortune Giftiee has been with me through thick and thin.
She has been my backbone
You are everything about a virtuous woman
She has been my adviser
My no1 chief bridesmaid
Ada ibem
Firstborn anyi
My cook
My school caretaker
She made me popular than I thought
Everybody talks about this two friends
For 15 years + no fight,no quarrel just unlimited grace.
God bless you for not leaving my side,for accepting my flaws and seeing beyond my mistakes.
I love you my hunnie bunnie
My no1 woman crush
I heart you a million time my communicator
I celebrate you everyday princess