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So my tongue has been swollen and hurting for a little over a month now. I wake up every day saying maybe tomorrow it will be better. After a month I've decided that maybe it won't get better and maybe I should get it checked out. It's swollen and kind of cracked down the middle a little white film but not really it feels like it's cut in half hurts to swallow and now it seems to be effecting my throat that now swollen on one side and my ears are starting to ache from it. The White Homecoming Dresses 2020 ... tongue itself doesn't look too bad but I looked in the very back last night and seen an army of very large bumps on my tongue and I thought to myself well that is the problem whatever that is! So I looked up symptom checker and was scared of what it could be now I don't want to get it checked out cause I'm scared so any suggestions on how I can get the swelling to go away? Ice chips and ibprofen doesn't work I've tried.

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