Wedding Dresses 2020

Who Does This Today?

Friends have posted the occasion of their 40th Wedding Anniversary today.
Congratulations to this most appreciated couple in our city and region.


In the professional photograph posted; the ensemble was beautiful, elegant for the 1976 home-grown times...incredibly, the brides-maids dresses were hand-sewn in this wonderful beginning of two lives merging.

Prompted in thought by the era and what we did when we merged lives......I thought about my mother's sewing business, in a small Midwestern town in the middle of cornfields, her haute couture bride and bridesmaid's dresses in the late 1950's dazzing the locals and the handling of their dreams come true.

I thought about my own hand-sewn wedding dress in 1969, (peau de soie and Aunt Eva made the magic happen) and in 1973 I hand-sewed the bridesmaids' dresses on the left, flowers in our hair (compliments of all things rural, dreaming about prairies, humble pie..and gingham fabric on sale at the still operating Banach's Fabric Store) Wedding Dresses 2020

Here we are, in spite of winters, tears, faded flowers, bruises and reaches for the moon and stars.
I thank the couple celebrating their 40th today...we continue our journeys.

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