Short Cocktail Dresses 2020

Nurse Fig has been very attentive today and I am feeling much better. My head has regained its normal shape, I stopped throwing up a couple of hours ago, I can focus my eyes, and I just ordered room service. Life is good! I am back on for delivery work here in the Houston area tomorrow. Looking forward to meeting more of the people who have been going 24/7 since the hurricane hit. Will try to have a video update in the morning. One big word of advice: When donating items othe ... r than cash to rescue efforts, please DO NOT DONATE USED CLOTHING UNLESS IT IS SOMETHING YOU WOULD WEAR EVERY DAY. Seriously, people. No one needs your food-stained family-reunion sweatshirt from 1988. And if I see one more bridesmaid dress with deodorant stains in the armpits in a box addressed to 'huricaine survivers.' This is not a chance to unload shit. Trash is not a donation. If it isn't worth keeping, it isn't worth donating. I am not exaggerating when I say that a well-meaning church collected and sent a truck filled with boxes of used underwear. These folks are looking to get something functional to get to work again or to live in while getting their lives back together. And they don't need to feel like the beggar at the banquet. Short Cocktail Dresses 2020
Same for baby stuff. If you wouldn't put it on your baby, don't give it to someone else. Lots of stained and unwashed baby stuff lying around unfit to be passed to people here.
What is hugely useful now? Money and building supplies.

Also, cool news, we had a bit of a powwow yesterday with some of the nimble groups that have formed in reaction to these kinds of disasters and in the absence of the big NGOs in the first few days of a huge weather event or other disaster. (The only major brand in Rockport was Franklin fucking Graham, and his group asked me for money twice, and was not offering any support to anyone.) We're going to talk about pulling a Daenaerys Targareon and breaking the wheel. Time to reevaluate the way we respond to this kind of thing. Should be awesome.

Now -- I want to make sure I am living my message -- and I am cleaning out a lot of stuff in my own home and giving it away. I would wear it all or use it. If I am full of shit and passing along garbage, call me on it. I am looking at you, Liz Baker Kathleen Bethel most of all. Also George Rosberg PM me if I am giving you stained family reunion sweatshirts or old bridesmaid dresses with deodorant in the pits.

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