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SENSORY MAMAS please read this!

We have had a huge regression with cutting our son's toenails (he's nearly 7). The last few times have been so traumatic for him AND mommy!

We would wait too long (because I barely have the will to go through it again), then they are on the verge of being in-grown, which means it hurts when they are cut. Even worse, when you are trying to cut the toenails of an almost-7-yo who is kicking and screaming to the point of hyperventilating while you DressAfford white items to wear for little women ... are sitting on his legs, it's really hard to NOT end up nicking the skin, which make the whole ordeal even MORE traumatic.

Anyway, I was looking for something else completely at the grocery store when I saw this product. Hey, I'm willing to try ANYTHING. I gave him a warning last night that today was the day. After counseling this afternoon, I gave him a hot bath, then put this stuff on all his toenails.

I ended up not using the bandages or the foam rings. I just spread it all over the nails and tips of his toes, then put socks on him.

THIS STUFF REEKS. Like rotten eggs. So if you have a kiddo who is averse to smells, that could be an issue. I think the socks helped. I let him sit while watching a show for about 15 minutes and then told him it was time.

I used a hot wash cloth to wipe the stuff off then went to work. Once we got through the first toe (with me BEGGING him to just be still and I would be super careful not to cut the skin), he was shocked that it didn't hurt.

We went on to do the next 9 toes without a fight. He did wince a few times as I initially slid the clippers under the nail, but I just reassured him that if he would just be STILL, I would make sure not to cut the skin.

I feel like I just won the lottery.


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