DressAfford items to wear for girls of the wedding

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FanQ: I am at my breaking point. Breast feeding has been horrible since the get go. LO dropped two pounds after birth due to undiagnosed tongue and lip tip, we tried for milk donations and where we are couldn't get any. Then I turned into an exclusive pumper, took everything imaginable to up my supply. We had the tongue and lip ties corrected, taught her to breast feed again. She started losing ... weight, back to supplementing we go, my supply tanked and I didn't know bc I wasn't pumping. Then LO starts with blood in the stool, I remove dairy from my diet, I start domperidone, no increase in supply, blood in stool continues do I remove soy. I started a new dose of Dom, still no increase in milk, still supplementing with nutramigen and now blood in her stool again. I avoid all hidden sources of dairy and soy, I read all labels. I lost 15lbs while pregnant from nausea and another 30 since she's been born, I have good allergies in top of hers do eating isn't easy, and yes we have tried numerous FB pages, human milk 4 human babies, eats on feets; we even tried a national site that you purchase breast milk from...so please do not say find a donor; we gave tried and so has my OB and a couple LC's. LO is 4.5 months, weights 13lbs and was born at 9. What gives?! I'm spending $190 a month on Dom, putting her breast all the time, pumping when she isn't latched. Some days she makes enough diapers, others she does not. What more in my diet can be affecting her GI tract? Ideas please and yes I know formula is unhealthy, I'm a nurse and i despise formula, i cry ehen she gets it, but I can't let my baby lay here and scream because she is hungry. I do have hypothyroid that is treated and I have PCOS. DressAfford items to wear for girls of the wedding

- jmsh

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