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Wow what a night. I did not have a good night at all. Went to bed around 2am ish. got up around 4am. stayed up until 6-7am. I was struggling to stay asleep all morning as well. I just woke up now and feeling really exhausted. Worse than I have felt than before I went to sleep the first time.

[WARNING: Gross eye stuff below. Don't say I didn't warn you. It doesn't happen until after a short bit when I say this is where it gets really weird. ]

In one dream last night was that I was on some kind of surf board and it was late at night, dark, and I'm on a highway but on a surfboard flying above the highway. It was raining in sheets or buckets. I'm having trouble avoiding some van or truck ahead of me and end up veering off into the bushes off the road on the side. I recover slightly and make it back on the road but its windy and another truck gets in the way and I end up some how crashing into the ground and sliding a long way across the grass, walkway and another grassy area and keep sliding. I find myself at a restaurant with lots of others, in the dream, I know them as co-workers, but in real life I have no idea who they are. We're celebrating something about the big boss and about to toast or touch glasses for something. They all say one word, but I have no idea what it is and do it anyways. I think it was beer that I was drinking I have no idea but thats what it looked like.

Next I know I'm outside and with other people that are looking for a job. We have literally seconds to find a door that looks like something we'd want to work in. Each door had some kind of display saying what it is, like for example cooking, or doctor or music stuff. I of course because we are in a limited time challenge just pick the first door that is near by with weird looking design. I couldn't make out what it said. I walk in and find myself behind the original door but in an enclosed area (something like you'd see in a doctors office where its like a door, small space and then another door too keep out the weather. I'm looking through the second set of doors and see people dressed in like white house coats or robes. A small table of sorts where a person would lay down and get a massage. Around the room were people doing various things to "show" what this kind of job is like. I find out that this job has something to do with health and the body and things "external" to the body that can help heal. Like massages or things that get applied to the body in some way. This was not my idea of a job. I was thinking more along the lines of computers and begin to walk.

* this is where it gets weird. like really weird *

I'm beyond the second set of doors so "inside" and surrounded by a group of people that are trying to learn what this job is about. I'm struggling to leave and get past these people and come to a group of small kids and parents. I feel like I'm REALLY drunk and everything is moving weirdly trying to block my way out. This guy comes up to me and begins to say things in a different language that I have no idea what it is. Its like he is making me part of the group and I'm resisting. I end up finding a door out and leave, but I'm really weirded out and things are moving in wonky ways. I can't walk straight. The parents and kids that I walked past inside are now following me and I keep saying No! I don't want anything to do with them but they insist. I'm having trouble seeing. Every time I try to look or see around me all I see is kids faces and notice that they are dying or have recently died. These parents are holding those kids up to me close and I'm saying No! I don't want anything to do with this. Every time I say no, its like to them for some reason they accept this answer but not for the reason why I'm saying it. They think I'm saying no because in their way of life, when a kid or person dies, they (WARNING: GROSS GROSS GROSS) poke the eyes out with a needle. Some kind of ritual they do for the dead. I get so fed up about them not understanding why I'm saying no and wake myself up. 1930s vintage inspire wedding items

Oi! What a night. Most of the dreams last night were alright except that last one. I'm feeling so drained exhausted tired atm that I don't want to do anything but sleep. Thinking of staying up for a bit to see if it passes but if not, I'll try again to get a lil more sleep.